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Beacon Properties File

When Beacon starts it looks for a file contained in the current working directory.  The following properties can be configured in this file:


When set to true, an attempt is made for each write to the switch outputstream to push to the TCP socket buffer. This mode is suggested if latency is critical. When set to false, the first write per IO loop is written to the TCP socket, and subsequent writes are queued up to be written in the following loop to minimize the number of small write system calls. This mode is ideal when throughput is critical. Defaults to throughput mode, or false.

controller.listenAddress=<ip address>

The IP address to listen for OpenFlow switch connections. Defaults to listening on all local IP addresses.


The listening port for incoming OpenFlow switch connections. Default: 6633.


Controls whether Nagle's algorithm is enabled on the switch TCP sockets. When set to true Nagle's algorithm is disabled, and false it is enabled. Default: true.


When set to true, all existing flows are delete from a switch's flow table when it connects to Beacon. Default: true.


When set to true this prevents Beacon from processing switch packets until the switch has confirmed it will send all packet data in Packet In messages, preventing issues when processing truncated messages such as DHCP. Default: true.



Java System Properties

System Properties can be set in one of two places depending on how you are launching Beacon.  If you are launching in Eclipse you will set these from your launch configuration in the arguments tab, under VM arguments. If you are using a binary package then you will set them in the beacon.ini file in the root of the directory. System properties are set using the syntax "-Dkey=value"<host>

This sets the ip address that the Jetty webserver listens on. Defaults to listen on all interfaces.


This sets the port that the Jetty webserver listens on. Default: 8080.

Example beacon.ini:

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  1. can Beacon listen to multiple ports at the same time?