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The FlowVisor CLI (utilities/fvcli in the source repository) provides control access to FlowVisor while keeping the connection open such that the user doesn't have to constantly use fvctl at the commandline

The CLI takes command line arguments for connection information:




Hostname or IP of FlowVisor


RPC Port number (defaults to 8080)



add slice

Interactive tool for adding a slice

change slice "<name>" [flowvisor:flowspace]

Interactive tool for modifying a slice config.
Using the optional flowspace parameter starts a sub-interpreter for manipulating the flowspace of a slice.


Exits the CLI

no cache

Disables the device cache


Exits the CLI

reset devicecache

Clears the device cache

reset linkcache

Clears the link cache

show device <dpid> [flowvisor:stats]

Get device information.
Optionally gather stats information from the device.

show device list [flowvisor:detail]

Show the list of DPIDs currently connected to FlowVisor.
This list is cached unless no cache is used or reset devicecache is executed.
The detail keyword will show the socket connection information as well.

show flowspace

Display the entire flowspace managed by this FlowVisor instance.

show link list

Display the topology that FlowVisor is aware of.
If FlowVisor does not have topology detection enabled, these links will be a best guess.

show slice list

Shows the list of configured slices.

show slice "<name>" [stats | flowvisor:flowspace]

Shows the slice configuration.
If the flowspace option is used, it shows the flowspace allocated to this slice.
If the stats option is used, your screen will be flooded with a wall of gibberish.

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