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Contributor Notes

  • Contributors will be expected to follow the standard bitbucket fork-and-pull-request model
    • Optionally patches will be accepted but the higher maintenance burden may delay their evaluation and cause more fix iterations
  • Contributors must have JIRA accounts
  • Pull Requests or Patches will not be accepted without corresponding JIRA tickets
  • Many issues are not sufficiently defined - please ask for clarification and more detail where necessary

General Contribution Process

  1. New contributors should submit design/implementation proposals to for review before making changes to avoid problems at the code review stage

  2. Intention to work on an issue should be indicated either via assigning the issue to yourself in JIRA (if you have the privilege) or by sending email to

    1. A ticket should not be claimed for more than 7 days without a pull request, patch, or update to the ticket confirming that work is still in progress

    2. A comment must be added to the ticket with the repo and branch you are doing the development in (so anyone can pull your unfinished changes into their own fork)

  3. Once a pull request or patch is submitted, code will be reviewed before it can be accepted

    1. For criteria in the repo STYLE document

    2. For overall architecture and design (if design was previously agreed upon and implemented as agreed, this is a no-op)

    3. For logic errors

    4. For sign-off of the Developer Grant and Certificate of Origin
  4. Pull request will be accepted or rejected as appropriate

    1. JIRA tickets resolved or reopened
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