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Things To Consider Before Contributing to the Project

To help with understanding what's required to contribute to FOAM, we are providing guidance on why the Project has made certain decisions.

  • The Project has selected the MPL 2.0 license, popular for its permissive and flexible properties, while still encouraging a collaborative community.
  • The Project has selected an approach to contributions inspired by the popular Linux Developer "Certificate of Origin". This approach makes it simple for new contributors to get started, and avoids bureaucracy in tracking contributions and contributors.
  • To indicate accordance, each individual contribution to the Project is signed off by the developer, using his or her real name and email address in the format below:

FOAM-DCO-1.0-Signed-off-by: Joe Smith <>

Signing off means that you state that the following are true of your contribution:

  • I created this contribution/change and have the right to submit it to the Project; or
  • I created this contribution/change based on a previous work with a compatible open source license; or
  • This contribution/change has been provided to me by someone who did (a) or (b) and I am submitting the contribution unchanged.
  • I understand this contribution is public and may be redistributed.
  • I understand that I retain copyright ownership in this contribution and I am granting the Project a copyright license to use, modify and distribute my contribution.
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