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Stable Releases

FOAM 0.6.5

No release planned at this point. Reserved for maintenance bug fixes.

FOAM 0.8.0

April 30, 2012

Stable features from the 0.7-DEV branch, including, but not limited to:

  • AM API v2 support
  • Full AM API v1 support (with schemas and proper values in manifest and advertisement RSpecs)

Planned Releases

FlowVisor 0.10.0

September 30, 2012

  • Per slice and/or per dpid TCAM usage limits
  • (Tentative) Per slice rate limiter.


FlowVisor 1.0

October 31, 2012

Stable features from 0.11-DEV branch, including:


Development Branches

Development branch work is subject to design and implementation review and as such this is merely a list of things we are working on with rough estimates of release ordering - some may prove too difficult to ultimately work into the branch given.

Items listed with strike-through have been implemented in the branch in question.

Flowvisor 0.9
  • Hard Flowspace limits
  • Paravirtualization
  • Statistics virtualization
FOAM 0.7
  • FOAM-228: Log gapi actions into a file instead of the database

  • FOAM-215: Optionally allow FOAM version to be reported in gapi GetVersion

  • FOAM-212: All FOAM exceptions should have _str_ methods

  • FOAM-211: Auto-pend based on port request
  • FOAM-210: Auto-approve whitelist of user URNs

  • FOAM-208: Called xmlrpc plugin methods which raise AttributeError are marked as not found

  • FOAM-207: FOAM calls FV.ListDevices twice for listResources in some environments

  • FOAM-204: Multi-user admin support in foam
  • FOAM-202: Suppress logging of expected / handled exceptions

  • FOAM-196: Need easy way to change flowvisor info in FOAM

  • FOAM-195: Make component_manager_id optional in rspecs

  • FOAM-193: Week/day expiration warning emails should have different subjects

  • FOAM-188: Allow users to modify non-protocol bits of their sliver without deleting and re-adding them
  • FOAM-187: FOAM doesn't require an owner e-mail address

  • FOAM-186: Get owner e-mail address from slice credential

  • FOAM-185: GENI AM API v2 support
  • FOAM-177: GENI-specific flowspace-overlap auto-approval engine

  • FOAM-176: Feature for dynamic line tracing

  • FOAM-173: Support for code coverage

  • FOAM-168: Proper manifest return values
  • FOAM-166: Allow more granular control of e-mail notification to admins
  • FOAM-165: FOAM exposes what it thinks the FV password is via the GENI AM API

  • FOAM-160: Update foamctl documentation
  • FOAM-159: Log and task files are never cleaned up
  • FOAM-157: Implement 'foamctl list-datapaths'
  • FOAM-142: FOAM should gracefully degrade if FlowVisor is unreachable
  • FOAM-136: Create schemas for manifests and advertisements
  • FOAM-126: Schema does not validate some fields

FOAM 0.9
  • FOAM-128: Allow pluggable front-end API

Past Releases

FlowVisor 0.8.4

June 22, 2012

  • FLOWVISOR-175: Provide API to change slice password.
  • FLOWVISOR-173: FV rejects a Flow_mod request with DELETE_FLOW if the buffer_id is 0.
  • FLOWVISOR-167: Need an RPC API to allow db backup
  • FLOWVISOR-166: Update API to replace setConfig/getConfig
  • FLOWVISOR-165: FlowRule ids change when the flowspace is manipulated
  • FLOWVISOR-161: Checkpointing broken on FlowSpace modifications  
  • FLOWVISOR-160: Prevent NoMatch exception from bubbling up to the output
  • FLOWVISOR-159: Flowvisor crashes on empty flowspaces if there are controller connected
FlowVisor 0.8.3

May 21, 2012

  • Database-based flowspace storage
FlowVisor 0.8.2

Feb 6, 2012

  • Slice configuration parameter for controlling LLDP spam
  • JSON callbacks for fine-grained topology changes
  • FLOWVISOR-128: Warn users when adding flowspace rules for non-existing slices
  • FLOWVISOR-126: Slices containing '<' can not be deleted
  • FLOWVISOR-122: fvctl no longer supports registration of topology callbacks with authorization information
  • FLOWVISOR-121: XMLRPC web server logs to stderr instead of FVLog
  • FLOWVISOR-95: when slicing actions, the errors that bubble up are confusing
  • FLOWVISOR-73: Buffer ID sanitizing
  • FLOWVISOR-22: add config option for drop policy
Flowvisor 0.8.1

July 22, 2011

  • Better logging to find delays and process starvation
  • Changed default GC to be mark/sweep
  • Source documentation
  • FLOWVISOR-120: disabled DNS lookup for stats_desc
  • FLOWVISOR-118: fixed FvSlicer memleak in XID translation
  • FLOWVISOR-117: bind fails for override IPv4 stacks
  • FLOWVISOR-116: move config file read before logging
FlowVisor 0.8.0

July 13, 2011

  • fixed problem with FlowIDs exhausting
  • fixed memleaks that caused instability
  • fixed dynamic ports and topology discovery issues
  • fixed bugs in Vendor Stats and sendlen handling
  • updated developer documentation
  • added better support for remote debugging and JVM tweaks
  • fixed IPv6 dual-stack local port binding bug
  • changed superuser from 'root' to 'fvadmin'
  • lots of bugs fixed and sanity checks implemented
FOAM 0.6.4

February 12, 2012

  • Packaged for Debian Squeeze
FOAM 0.6.3

February 6, 2012

  • FOAM-183: set-config validator is filtering valid dictionary types (like email info)
  • FOAM-180: Installing FOAM from scratch fails to create db
  • Added proper libssl-dev dependency in the debian package
FOAM 0.6.2

Feb 1, 2012

  • Fixed URN format to have 'datapath+' instead of 'datapath:'
  • Updated source copyright dates
  • Fixed manifest header to pass AM acceptance tests
  • No longer allow multi-AM rspecs (temporary change until corner cases can be ironed out)
  • Advertisement no longer contains <Node> elements
  • Usability enhancements to install and package scripts
  • FOAM-171: foamctl set-config doesn't work for max_lease
  • FOAM-170: RenewSliver has some funky behaviour
  • FOAM-169: Admin API to set sliver expiration
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