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In this exercise you will learn how to manipulate FlowVisor. You will achieve this by creating different types of slicing. First, you will create topology based slicing. Then you will create protocol based slicing. In both cases some programs have been prepared to enable to verify whether your slicing is correct. Therefore it is essential that you do you exercise work in the FlowVisor directory which has been prepared. For example, for topology exercise, use the directory flowvisor/flowvisor-topo. 


The username and password for the VM are both openflow.


 FlowVisor Recap.


Before jumping into the exercises perhaps we should recall the FlowVisor API calls which can be reached by using the command fvctl as shown below:


Code Block
openflow@TutorialVM:~/flowvisor/flowvisor-topo$ sudo mn --custom topo.py --topo fvtopo --mac --controller=remote


The sudo password is ***********openflow


Since we have included a slice visualizer here, there are few guidelines to follow to ensure that everything works: