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The POX Manual has been migrated to github. The current version can be found at: https://noxrepo.github.io/pox-doc/html/.


As POX is continually evolving, things on this page may not always reflect exactly the state of any particular branch in the POX code repository.  If you're using an old branch, you may find it helpful to view a version of this page from the past (e.g. around the time your branch was current).  If you're using the newest branch and things written here aren't right, feel free to fix them or mention it on the mailing list or forum.


connectionConnectionConnection to the relevant switch (e.g., which sent the message this event corresponds to).


longDatapath ID of relevant switch (use dpid_to_str() to format it for display).
ofpofp_header subclassOpenFlow message object that caused this event.  See OpenFlow Messages for info on these objects.