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Deployment Roadmap

Late October

- upgrade all switches to K.15.05 based revision (and 15.06 non-OF image as standby)

- install controller (ee-kvm host) in Packard

- get Packard, CIS switches added to CS Zenoss monitoring

Early November

- Packard/CIS primary 10GB feeds moved from Gates HP MDF1 to MDF2. Install K.15.05 on MDF2

- Enable OF on Packard network, pointing to Packard controller

- Enable Packard controller as secondary controller in CIS switches

Late November

- Expectation: Gates HP Switches upgrade to same OF firmware w/o OpenFlow enabled, and MDF2 enables OpenFlow for VLAN 595

- VLAN renumbering for 94 and 99 coincides with those wired networks using OpenFlow (including Gates MDF2)

- Potential reconfiguration of YOZA/YOZB connections to drop firewall switch, add redundant VOIP pathways


- Packard and CIS get redundant VOIP fiber VLANs, fed from RTF and Gates for both.

- Go-Live of CISX VOIP throughout month