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  1. Why does FOAM installation require a compiler?
    In order to support older systems the package installation will build some dependencies for you rather than installing the older (incompatible) binary packages that may be provided by some systems.

  2. Does FOAM require nginx?
    No. FOAM is a WSGI application that can be served from any WSGI-compliant application server. However, FOAM does require the use of SSL and an application server which can validate client certificates. The default installation uses FastCGI with nginx, however it could be configured to work with Apache httpd and mod_wsgi, and possibly other application servers.

  3. Why are there certs in two places?
    The files in the /opt/foam/etc/gcf-ca-certs directory are used by FOAM; the sudo foamctl admin:bundle-certs command puts them into a single file, in the format that the nginx front-end uses (in /opt/foam/etc/nginx/ca-certs/foam-ca-certs.pem).