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titleUnstable Endpoints!

While the APIs documented here are mostly stable in their parameters (where they are not is indicated in each description as needed), their endpoints are very likely to change in future releases. Developers are advised to write code that is flexible in the face of URL changes.

APIs which related to FlowVisor or GENI are very likely to move, as they are not part of the "core" of FOAM, while APIs relating to core configuration and administration are more likely to stay where they are.

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Returns the FlowVisor slice name for the given slice_urn.

This API is subject to change to support multiple slivers per slice, accepting a sliver_urn (as "sliver_urn" : <urn> instead of (or in addition to) a slice_urn). Developers wanting to write forward-compatible code should include a valid sliver_urn as well as slice_urn, which will likely work as expected in future versions (the sliver_urn must belong to the given slice_urn).
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Returns the list of slivers matching the given criteria.

GET behaves as if deleted is False, and status is any (not currently supported via POST).