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APT repository location has changed:



Ubuntu (10.04 and later)

Debian (6.0 and later)

0.8.x to 0.10.x

Upgrading from 0.8.x to 0.10.0 requires no special steps.  You are advised (as always) to make a copy of the contents of your /opt/foam/db/ directory.

0.6.[34] to 0.8.x

Steps for upgrading from 0.6.[34] to 0.8.0:

  • Make a backup of your /opt/foam/db/foam.db
  • Place a copy of foam.db into /tmp
  • Do the package upgrade (apt-get install foam) and restart both nginx and foam
  • Run (it'll be in your path, like foamctl is)
    • Probably want to redirect the output to a file so you can make sure the config was converted in a sane way
    • It will ask you for a new foamadmin password at the end (the package resets it to admin)
  • Voila!  FOAM should have transitioned your old config and slivers to the new version.


  • uses /tmp/foam.db to do the import, you can delete this file when you are done
  • /opt/foam/foam.db is no longer used and can be safely removed (save a copy in case you need to import again if bugs were found in the import process)

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